Tattoo Art

People get tattoos for different reasons. For some, they don tattoos for aesthetic purposes. For others, it gives them some sort of liberated feeling since tattoos are typically associated with a freedom or rebel lifestyle. Still to others, tattoos represent something deeper than just aesthetics, things like culture, religion, even ascension to higher position in the society.

Different styles and designs have different meaning as well. These so-called tattoo themes represent certain beliefs and aspects of human values that makes tattoo art into a total self-expression.

These are some more famous tattoo art themes:

1. Rose. It symbolizes love, whether undying affection or unrequited love. Rose tattoos are usually done "life-size". Red is still the most favored color, although it is not unusual to see black and white rose tattoos.

2. Dragon. Whether Chinese or Western style, this is a very popular design for youngsters who sport tattoos. Usually done in the arm and depending on length, dragon tattoos sometimes cover the entire extremities and may take the appearance of a tattoo sleeve. Dragons usually come in varying bright colors and in fine, scaly detail.

3. Snakes. Another favorite, also perfect for arms, legs, back and sometimes even the abdomen, due to its long, windy look. Green seems to be the most popular color and depending on the colors and intricacy, a snake may take a longer to draw than other tattoos.

4. Butterfly. Due to the butterfly’s dainty and colorful features, this has become a favorite among females.

5. Tribal Designs. Another young generation favorite, these are more on the "free wheeling" style of design and do not involved specific patterns. The basic premise in Tribal designs leans toward curves and pointed ends, and may lend itself to any desired theme. A simple butterfly for instance can be made to look like a tribal pattern with some modification from the actual design. Also, tribal patterns are less colorful and usually come in earth tone colors, blacks and whites.


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