Fake Tattoo Sleeves

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Fake tattoo sleeves are cloth pieces worn on the extremities (arms and legs) that give the illusion that you are really sporting a tattoo. They are usually made of nylon fabric with tattoo-inspired artwork from the upper arms down to the wrists. This fabric is often flesh-colored, or any color that would best match the wearer’s skin tone. These fabric pieces are then attached to either a t-shirt or a tank top to cover the edges, or they can have a bracelet or armlet to disguise the 'seam' where the tattoo fabric meets the skin. Also, they are "snug" fit, allowing the cloth to wrap around the extremities without any hooks or tape to keep it in place.

Fake tattoo sleeves are an alternative way of sporting "tattoo art" without going under the needle, so to speak. Considering the growing rate of intravenously (through needles) transmitted disease such as HIV, fake tattoo sleeves are a safe substitute. As with any substitution, compromise comes in the form of authenticity, limited designs, and in not having the total "feel" of an authentic tattoo. They are also a great way to 'practice'; to determine whether or not you are really serious about getting a real full-sleeve tattoo. If you're not sure, wear a fake tattoo sleeve for awhile and see what you think of its looks.

The trend is creating quite a stir in the fashion world and with tattoo enthusiasts. Fashion-wise, it provides an unconventional statement; for some tattoo enthusiasts, it was an outrage. According to them, wearing fake tattoo sleeves removes the craft and substance of tattooing as an art form, and makes it into a commercial trend and product.

The most ideal way to wear fake tattoo sleeves is to wear them with a good pair of "radical" designed t-shirts, either v-neck or round-neck style. Tank tops are also preferred. The challenge in wearing fake tattoo sleeves is with hiding the fabric edges. Most wearers buy sleeves resembling their skin tone to provide better illusion. However, it is also difficult to find clothing fabrics exactly matching the human skin tone. Best solution for this is just to find the nearest skin tone sleeve and cover the edges (especially the wrist area) with bangles, bracelets, watches, studded wrist bands or anything that can cover the wrist. Wearing a tattoo is also defined by culture and "attitude". Wide leather wrist bands or ethnic bracelets symbolize culture and attitude, thus they are also excellent choices to cover sleeve edges.